About Us

Star Wars has always been a huge part of my life, my earliest memory as a child is the day my parents took me to the premiere of Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace in theater. I was three years old and I remember exactly what I was wearing, a Star Wars dad cap, a black Darth Maul T-shirt and little shorts with some sneakers. I may not have understood the story, the politics or the message at the time but I knew that Luke was my hero and lightsabers were the coolest thing I’d ever seen and I wanted more! Now that I’m an adult, (or should I say that same three year old with the dad cap, Star Wars shirt, shorts and sneakers in adult form) I just want to make fun and awesome art to add to my infinite collection and hopefully find some other nerds like me to enjoy it with. I love creating my own original designs based on characters and stories from the expanded universe which includes, video games, comic books, novels, TV shows and the movies of course. The Star Wars universe has an infinite amount of amazing stories and characters and I just want to do my part in keeping those stories and characters alive by bringing all Star Wars fans collectibles they can all enjoy based on my own original art.